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BosleyMD- Revive Non Color Treated Hair Volumizing Conditioner 300ml

Help restore visibly thinning hair with sulfate free Bos • Revive Nourishing Shampoo that removes build up, such as DHT, from the scalp surface, while cleansing hair of product build up and pollution. Maintains a clean environment for the appearance of thicker, fuller looking hair.

▪ Women and Men with visibly thinning hair
▪ Those that have experienced rapid hair loss and visible scalp
▪ Those with areas of the scalp where hair isn’t growing

▪ Gently removes DHT, product build up and pollution
▪ Creates ideal scalp environment for hair growth
▪ Reduces shedding
▪ Strengthens existing strands and helps retain moisture to prevent

▪ Pumpkin Seed Extract is a natural DHT blocking ingredient that
helps promote healthy hair growth
▪ Natural Saw Palmetto also helps inhibit the action of DHT and may
inhibit hair shedding
▪ Rosemary Extract’s antioxidant properties help reduce scalp
inflammation and increase scalp circulation
▪ Panthenol helps strengthen the hair and improve moisture retention


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